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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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people in all 72 counties to be paid vote counters. we will hear, im sure as we go along, which counties are having a challenge stein is footing the entire bill -- now estimated at 3 point 9 million dollars. wednesday, she announced she would not appeal a judge's ruling that allows clerks to count ballots by hand or use voting machines. her campaign said, "given the time constraints, we want to focus on the recount which begins thursday. our focus will be on verifying the vote on the ground."elections news" for 20 or so county clerks who want to use machines to count ballots. they'll work nights and weekends in many counties to meet a december 12th deadline. if the state doesn't certify its vote totals by december 13th, congress does not have to recognize wisconsin's 10 electoral college members. and thats why we are emphasizing, lets not take any chances, and make sure we get the recount
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totals, which the state will post online. today, we also learned the wire transfer that triggered the recall came...well, down to the wire. the 3 and a half million dollars from the stein campaign arrived just four minutes before yesterday's 4:30 p-m deadline. ted thanks theo milwaukee county officials have laid out their plans for the recount. the process will begin at 9 a-m tomorrow ... but work already began today. workers moved the ballots location. a.j. bayatpour is live at the county courthouse with the details... this morning the ballots were here at the courthouse. by mid-afternoon, they were packed into large boxes and sent off to a warehouse on the south side. box after box hauls more than 200- thousand suburban ballots out of the milwaukee county courthouse.
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ballots arrive at a city warehouse near bay view. the city ballots are there too. thursday, workers will begin the recount of more than 440-thousand ballots all together. until then, theyre closely guarded. they will be under lock and key tonight and once the ballot bags have been opened, there will be 24- hour security provided by the sheriffs department. the recount will require a rotating cast of about 130 workers each day. differe are scheduled for different days and poll workers from those municipalities will help county staff handle the ballots. they wont be the only ones at the table. at each table, there will be enough room for one representative from each party and each candidate. while the final decision will be made early thursday by the board of canvassers, the county election commission recommends the recount be done by machine. it wouldve been much more difficult and much more labor-intensive, much more time-consuming for us to do a
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officials say the recount will likely change very little. were not anticipating there will be a wide variance in the vote totals. i dont think were going to see a change in the outcome of the winner of the election in wisconsin. all of the workers hired for the milwaukee county recount will make 15 dollars an hour. eventually, the state will reimburse the county...through the stein campaign, of course. live outside mary thanks aj the republican party of wisconsin accuses the stein and clinton campaigns... of illegally coordinating to force this recount. in a federal complaint, the g-o-p says hillary clinton is the only person who stands to gain from the recount, even though stein requested it. stein's campaign dismissed the complaint as a "p-r stunt" -- saying any allegations of coordination between the two campaigns are quote:
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this recount is not legal and is concerned the recount will interfere with the casting of wisconsin's electoral votes. fox6's angelica sanchez joins us with a break down of what the group is alleging angelica. ted-- the conservative organization wisconsin institute for law and liberty claims there must be reason to believe a mistake occurred not that a mistake could have occurred -- which he says the paperwork submitted by dr. jill stein's campaign indicates. fox6 has reached ou to these claims. we have yet to hear back. but in her appearance on abc's the view the green party nominee explained this recount is to assure voters the system is working. will president rick esenberg tells us he fears what the recount will do for wisconsin's electoral votes. 'if there is any real world consequence of it is it might put at risk our ability to have our votes counted in the electoral college because the recount wont get done on
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esenberg says if this recount does interfere with the casting of wisconsin's electoral votes --- it does plan to get involved. ... but he would not comment further in what shape or form. in the studio i'm angelica sanchez back to you. meanwhile -- jill stein's campaign officially filing its petition for a hand recount of all votes cast in michigan... she says more than 75-thousand blank votes were a "red flag" that pushed her to se the 4- point-8-million ballots cast in the state. president-elect donald trump won michigan by more than 10-thousand votes over hillary clinton. officials in madison and milwaukee had much more to say about the recount... visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- to watch the complete news and tele-conferences. the story will be on our home page. also making news tonight... a seven-year old child has died.. on the city's southside - in what sources describe as a case of
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in jail - facing charges. fox6's myra sanchick is live at south 19th and mineral. neighbors say police spent much of the day yesterday investigating in this apartment building. a source tells us inside the apartment they found drug paraphernalia and syringes. :24=28 lauri scales neighbor i don't know i just seen a bunch of police over there milwau homicide. neighbors say the boy lived in this apartment, now boarded up. that child was brought to children's hospital tuesday with serious injuries. a source tells fox6 he was also malnourished. he died as a result. it's terrible. i mean come on. this is all going on under our noses. and we don't even know it. fox6 news has learned that a 44 year old woman arrested for the crime was convicted of child neglect for the death of another
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say that baby had bruises, swelling and gangrene. the woman was sentenced to 18 months in prison, while others involved got lengthier sentences. in this latest case police arrested a 47 year old woman and two men, who police say did nothing to save the boy. all those apartments in there nobody noticed any of this lauri scales--neighbor an autopsy was performed today but the results are not being released at did not want to eat mexican food so the 47 year old woman began beating him and another child, something she allegedly did frequently. live in milwaukee myra sanchick
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employees of a germantown company, today, after, police receive information indicating the potential presence of an explosive device. justin williams is live, near a gehl foods company site, with more, justin? ultimately, the situation is deemed safe, here, on maple road, but, only after employees spend, roughly, two-and-a- half hours outside of this warehouse facility, wednesday. from grocery shopping. but anna lutzs return... tried to go down maple road, n im like, okay ... cant get this way. came around, im like, okay ... cant come down friestadt. was redirected. i get to the lovers lane corner, and the sheriffs there ... and the washington county sheriffs office had company in the form of germantown police. they were responding to a call from an employee at this gehl foods facility who said someone may have entered a warehouse
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just went, is this something i need to be concerned about? and he goes, no. but, concern for some 60 employees was significant enough that they were evacuated from the facility. following an investigation, assisted by the milwaukee county sheriffs office explosive ordnance disposal unit, no explosive device was found.. and employees were allowed to return to work just after noon. im glad for the response. it looked like it was done, well, but ... it was done, quietly. david teeters also liv understands the response, but expresses concerns about excessive vigilance. i think, in america, people need to, yes, keep an eye open, but, at the same time, just look out for each other, enough, you know, dont go overboard. i spoke with the companys chief financial officer, this afternoon. he tells me that the warehouse utilizes a key card access system, and that only employees have key cards. germantown police, meanwhile, continue
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incident. this is the latest, in washington county. im justin williams, fox 6 news. one person is in police custody after shots are fired near the milwaukee county courthouse... just ahead... who police say the suspect was aiming for -- and what happened after the shooting. plus... after finally getting a win on monday -- the packers are hoping to carry that momentum as they return to lambeau field this weekend. we'll have a look ahead -- next. a few flurries may linger
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one streak ended for the packers on monday night, as they won for the first time after 4 losses. now the team hopes that victory is the catalyst needed to start tim van vooren has the blitz from lambeau field. "a week ago on wednesday aaron rodgers was talking about how he thought the packers could run the table and win the final 6 games of the regular season. well you can't win 6 until you win one. they got monday night at philadelphia. does that break the seal? "we won one game so we are still a little ways away from it. but we had to get
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change in here. we are going to go to work today in meetings and our walk-throughs and get focusing on that and come back tomorrow and do the same thing." "i don't think we are out of the woods yet, we are just one game better than we were last week. i think it's important to keep that focus, there's still a lot in front of us, bad performance this week or any upcoming week." "we big on the snowball thing kind of how the season went at the beginning of last year. win the first couple games and you kind of get use league see it all the time where they just go on runs because it just becomes natural it's all you know what to do. this is a winning organization we got winner all around the building." "green bay's final 4 regular season games all against the nfc after this week's game against houston. the final 3 games this season on the schedule for the packers are all in the nfc north division. at lambeau field tim van vooren, fox 6 sports. it's time for your news and weather together.
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downtown milwaukee.... it happened near 9th and state -- where officials say a suspect fired several shots at two people... nobody was hurt -- but a parked vehicle was hit by a bullet. the 45-year-old suspect was quickly arrested by police. milwaukee police are asking for help identifying a suspect wanted in connection with an armed robbery outside the citgo gas station near teutonia and green tree road. it happened early this morning.... authorities say the suspect approached the victim with a fake gun an money... he got away with cash after a brief struggle between the two. anybody who might know who this is -- is asked to call milwaukee police. a pedestrian in serious condition after being hit by a car in mequon. the crash happened last night on port washington just north of highland road. the driver did stop and called police for help -- and is cooperating with the investigation. the pedestrian was taken to the hospital by flight for life with serious injuries.
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weather light rain, snow and mix is possible and will likely continue overnight. a few flurries may linger into thursday morning then staying mainly cloudy. sunny breaks expected friday into saturday but it'll be much cooler. highs will struggle to reach into the upper bring the chance for rain and snow sunday into monday. stay tuned. tonight: light rain/snow showers. low: 35 wind: w 5-10 mph thursday: morning flurries then mostly cloudy. high: 42 wind: w 5-15 mph friday: decreasing
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high: 38 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny. am low: 28 high: 37 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with the chance for rain/snow showers. am low: 27 high: 40 wind: sw 5-15 mph monday: mostly cloudy. high: 43 wind: sw-se 5-10 mph light rain, snow and mix is possible and will likely continue overnight. a few flurries may linger into thursday morning then staying mainly cloudy. sunny breaks expected friday into saturday but it'll be much cooler. highs will struggle to
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out of state is grateful to doctors at aurora st. lukes medical center -- who kept her alive long enough to get a transplant. the treatment is rare -- and unconventional. it's used for patients in liver failure fox6s deandra corinthios has the story. "you can see your liver has serosis and changes related to that" diane wings end stage liver failure due to hepatitis c...and healthy liver... after the transplant this past july. a transplant doctors say she was only healthy enough to become eligible for...thanks to this... its called the mars machine.mars stands for molecular adsorbants recirculating system. it essentially washes a patients blood of toxins "this device is designed to not only do dialysis for your kidneys but also dialysis for your liver" the machine was initially designed to allow the liver to
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transplant... wing was hospitalized for hepatitis c when she was visiting the area from texas. she was hooked up to the mars machine for 22 hours a day...and was barely conscious... "i was here in the hospital for 4 months and probably the last month is when i became more aware of people and certain nurses" according to doctor sahajpal...only one other transplant center in the country has taken this approach...theyre located in maryland. the treatment healed wing enough to get a liver and kidney transplant. "it saved my life basically" "aurora health care has a hepatitis c screening proga than 35 thousand patients. more than 600 have tested positive and are now receiving treatment. reporting in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news." doctors say baby boomers are most at risk for hepatitis c. they say often people don't realize they have the disease... until they suffer a flare-up... like in
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continues filling positions in his administration... but a big question remains over who will be secretary of state... up next... the frontrunners for the position -- and the major deal mr. trump is expected to announce. and... breaking down the pros and cons of school voucher programs... hear from both sides of the debate --
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preparing to head out on a victory tour as his incoming cabinet continues to take shape. his team announcing three more nominees this week -- as all eyes continue to be on the battle over who will be picked as secretary of state. lauren blanchard has the latest. president-elect donald trump said he would bring manufacturing jobs back to america.. now he's planning to announce his first successful deal ... keeping jobs at a carrier facility in indianapolis from moving to mexico ... mr trump's former campaign manager says the move shows he is a man of his word ... "it's exactly what he ran on. bringing these jobs back. people say it can't be done. those jobs are now not going to mexico." the white house responding to news the


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